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Doberar Tour ( Garehdagh Range )

Doberar Tour ( Garehdagh Range ) Packages
Country: Iran
City: Tehran
Duration: 13 Day(s) - 12 Night(s)
Tour Category: Mountaineering
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Doberar- Garehdagh range is one of the famous ranges that every mountaineer wishes to cross it. During climbing Mt.Damavand you can see this marvelous ridge in south direction. It’s approximately 60 km long and you climb 23 main peaks higher than 3500m.The highest peak is Doberar (4250m). You will climb different peaks with different condition and in both side you will see amazing views. In Garehdagh you will pass 6 km sharp ridge scrambling that some part is just 10 cm. You can also crosscut hard and dangerous parts (it depends on your climbing skills). Best time for passing this ridge is April May, October because you still have hard snow in the ridge and you can provide water.

Notice1: Everybody should carry on hers/his backpacks

Notice2: Before trekking date we already put group main food & necessary equipments in three points

Notice3: With Alpine style this range will finish in 3days.

In this range hunting is forbidden and you can see Caucasian partridge and Ibex during your trekking. Also in the end of ridge you will see different floras.
Access route is from Haraz Road (TehranNorth/East) of that is mountainous road connect Tehran to Caspian Sea but you will return from Firouzkouh road (South –East).

Day 01:
Tehran /Iran capital city (Arrival)After welcoming you in Tehran Imam Khomaini Airport, Our guide will transfer you to a hotel in the city center. The rest of the day is free in Tehran. Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 02: Tehran (Sightseeing)
After a good breakfast in hotel transfer with an expert foreign language speaking guide for a Full day sightseeing Tehran, Traditional Bazaar, Archaeological museum, Glassware & Ceramic museum, Niavaran  palace. Overnight Hotel, Bed/Breakfast.

Day 3:
Half day free in Tehran and after lunch transfer to starting point via Haraz Road.
We stay in tent over night in beautiful valley. (2500m)

Day 4:
We wake up at 7 o’clock and after breakfast we climb up to north direction and in 3 hours we are in beginning of the ridge. First peak is Bazmchal (3550m) and we eat our lunch and continue our trekking to east direction. The ridge continues from west to east direction and you see Damavand in north. In 2 hours we pass Mianroud(3500m), Nour(3500m) and Lasem peak(3600m) and make our camp in green area beside the snow cornice to get the water and stay overnight in tent. Today approximately takes 6 hours.
Day 5:
We wake up at 6 o’clock and eat our breakfast and pack tent and start to climb Changizchal 1 (3750m) and then Changizchal 2 (3700m) and Changizchal 3 (3800m). All of the peaks connect each other with small pass, so you will not be tired during climbing.

After climbing Parvaneh(3850m) we fix our tent over hard snow and stay there overnight. May be we have wind during night so we should careful in fixing the tent to sleep very well. Good point in this ridge is that you start climbing from low altitude   and slowly taking altitude so you will acclimatize very easily. (Today approximately takes 7 hours).
Day 6:
We wake up at 7 o’clock and eat breakfast and start to climb Engmar 1 (3900m). Today we should pass some technical ridge and also traverse trough glacier in north parts so we have interesting day. After climbing Engmar 2 (3950m) we should pass technical part and climb Doberare Gharbi (4100m), first 4000 m in the ridge. From the top you see two beautiful mountainous Tar and Havir Lake in south direction and you can catch Trout fish there and also there is wonderful mountain bike route. Here we can get water everywhere and after lunch we continue to climb highest peak in the ridge. For climbing Doberar Shargi(4250m) we scramble to reach the summit. We make our camp in the top and rest. Probably we will have cold and windy night (Today approximately takes 7 hours).
Day 7:
The camp is in highest elevation and early morning is very cold so we wake up 9 o’clock when the sun warms the environment and after breakfast we start to climb one of the technical and beautiful peaks. If you will be lucky you can see Alborz Ibex in dangerous cliffs. Sozchal (4150m) have good view to below lakes and we scramble to climb it. Then we climb Rakhsh 2 (4100m) and descend to cross big pass. Million years ago this part was under sea and you can find fossil everywhere. After climbing Rakhsh 1(4150m) and Kamarposht (4100m) we have flat and green area and beside the water we camping and stay there overnight. (Today approximately takes 7 hours).
Day 8:
Today we pass amazing part of the ridge. Its 6 km sharp and technical ridge and we wear our helmet and harness and start to climb Garedagh 1 (4150m) and Garedagh 2 (4150m). Some parts we traverse glacier from north part with rope belying. We traverse Shahvers(4200m) tower from south part and then climb Garedagh 3 (4100m) and after climbing Asbgiroun(4000m) the technical part finish and we reach green flat plateau. We make our tent beside water and take rest and enjoy our time after a hard day. (Today approximately takes 7 hours).

Day 9:
We wake up at 10 o’clock in this green area & enjoy the time & breakfast and start hikking and pass Shahtapeh(3900m), Kolahoun(3650m) and Chehelcheshmeh(3400m). Here we can see nomads; they emigrate from other parts in the end of spring. We descend to south east direction and we see old Junipers and also different kinds of herpes native of this region.We eat our lunch beside spring and trees shadow and walk to Kahanak village.

Kahanak is very beautiful village with beautiful walnut and cherry gardens with old gardener (most of the young’s immigrate to city for finding the job) In Kahanak our car is already waiting us and we come back Tehran via Firouzkouh Road. Overnight we stay in hotel. Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 10:
Half day in Tehran is your own, and there is something yet to see and explore around your hotel (shopping & seeing) after lunch transfer to Domestic airport for fly to Isfahan, Check in to Hotel. In the evening walking through Chahar Bagh Street and alongside the Zayandehrood River and visiting 33arches bridge and Khajoo bridge .Overnight Hotel Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 11: Isfahan Sightseeing (Isfahan image of half of the world)
Full day sightseeing Isfahan’s 16th & 17th century monuments (Safavid dynasty: Chelsotoun(40columns) and  Aaliqapou palaces,  Meidane Naqhsh-e-Jahan(The image of the world square), Jomee mosque, Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotf-o-llah mosque &Grand Bazzar. Overnight Hotel in Isfahan, Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 12: Kashan Abiyaneh Sightseeing
Early in the morning drive to Tehran via visiting Abiyaneh (historical village) then Kashan. Visiting Fin Garden & Broujerdi house (typical bioclima traditional dwelling) and Sialk hill (8000B.C) Kashan .Overnight hotel in Tehran, Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 13:
The group’ll be transferred to the international airport for your flight back home.

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