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Sahulan Cave

West Azarbayjan, Iran

The cave is located 43 kilometers northeast of Mahabad town in province of West-Azarbaijan.Can be easily reached by the road from the town exept when there is heavy snow in the winter.

Sahoul means stalegtite in kurdish language so Sahoulan means House of Stalegtites!

Sahoulan is a Water cave which is now opened to tourists and needs no technical effort. Till now 250 meters of walking way and 300 meters of water have been found.

There might be more way to go but hasnt been completely explored yet. The average water depth is 12 meters and 25 meters in the deepest place.

The humidity of the cave changes between 70-75% while the temprature is mostly between 5 and 10.

The stones of the cave are calcarous.The main hall is about 58*42 meters.
Bats and wild pigeons live in the cave.specially the pigeons are so nice to see.

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