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Hajij Village

Kermanshah, Iran

Hajij Village is part of Paveh city in Kermanshah province and is located in beautiful valley in dense forest.

This village is among the most attractive parts of Kermanshah province and is the scenic areas of Oramanat and is located in 25 km away of Paveh city.

Hajij village is stair village with stony mountains, Lush landscapes, springs and twisting path that attracts every visitor.

Due to the shortage of land, roof of each house is the yard of back house.
Series Of Hajij villages is one of the most admired villages of the world with series of semicircle streets and rows of buildings facing the beautiful Sirvan River and Canyon.
One of the notable attractions of this village is shrine of Seyed Obaidullah, son of Imam Musa Kazim, which locals refer it as Hajij sharks and is highly respected.

There is a springs near the village that water goes into the Sirvan river, this strange spring that comes out like a cascade from the mountain, is famous as Bell spring and researchers acknowledged it as one of the best mineral water in the world.

Tall trees around the village with colorful flowers, plants create beautiful natural landscapes especially in spring and summer.
Bell’s beautiful waterfall, which is located near Hajij village, is among waterfall that has healing properties.
Other attractions of Hajij villages are monastery buildings, Chele-Khane and Kose temple.

Qaderiyeh dervish convent is other spectacular monument of Hajij village in which pray.

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