Exploring Tourism in Iran
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Iran Popular Places to Visit

Chogha Zanbil

Choga Zanbil consists of the ruins of three concentric walls , within which are palaces , temples and a central Ziggurat (temple tower) , measuring 105 X 105 meters. The first wall has seven gates , which reflects the religious ideologies of that time. Between the inner and middle walls , several temples dedicated to different Elamites divinities were built.

Historical Village Of Kandovan

Troglodytic Village in the Shadow of Kuh-e Sahand Tucked away in the northwest corner of Iran is the quaint and mysterious thirteenth century village of Kandovan. Located in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, Kandovan is 60 km south of the provincial capital Tabriz in Osku county. The 60 km drive to Kandovan south from Tabriz passes through Khosrowshahr and ascends the slopes

Masuleh Village

Masouleh village is perched high on a densely forested mountainside about 60 kilometers inland from the Caspian Sea. Due to its location, the climate of Masouleh village is different from much of Iran. Warm, moist air blowing southwest from the Caspian is blocked by the Alborz Mountains, creating heavy precipitation and fog on the seaward side of the mountains (this


The Kheir Abad complex is one of the most important historical sites in Gachsaran This complex consists of a school, fire temple, castles, and water reservoirs. In addition to this, a small castle made of stone exists on a mountain, close to which is one of the ancient temples of Anahita. The Kheir Abad ancient vicinity is related to the Sassanid period


Tochal Ski slope and the longest Gondola ride in the Asia Out of the three main Iranian ski resorts of Tochal, Dizin and Shemshak, Tochal ski resort is the least developed, offering fewer runs than the others. In its favour, Tochal is the closest ski resort to Tehran and it is possible to catch a cable car to Tochal from the

Meymand Historical Village

Meymand Village is a 12,000 year old village located in Shahr’e Babak, Kerman, 35 kilometers from the town of Babak on the Tehran-Bandar Abbas Road. Unlike other ancient villages, Meymand has retained its culture. Living conditions in Meymand are harsh due to the aridity of the land and to high temperatures in summers and very cold winters. The Village consists of a

Bam Citadel

Located in southeastern Iran, 200 kilometers south of Kerman, the ruined city of Arg-e-Bam is made entirely of mud bricks, clay, straw and the trunks of palm trees. The city was originally founded during the Sassanian period (224-637 AD) and while some of the surviving structures date from before the 12th century, most of what remains was built during the Safavid

Babak Castle

Babak Castle in Persian or Bəzz in Azeri), also known as the Immortal Castle or Republic Castle, is an impressive and huge building citadel on the top of a mountain, which is located 16 km southwest of Kaleibar Kaleibar City in northwestern Iran. It was the stronghold of the Iranian hero, Bābak Khorramdin who fought the Arab invaders. Every July 10th,

Soltanie Dom

Soltaniyeh situated in the Province of Zanjan, Iran, some 240 km to the north-west from Tehran, used to be the capital of Ilkhanid rulers of Persia in the 14th century. Its name translates as “the Imperial”. In 2005, UNESCO listed Soltaniyeh as one of the World Heritage Sites. The principal among Soltaniyeh’s several ruins is the Mausoleum of Il-khan ljeit ,

Maranjab Desert

Maranjab region, central Iran desert, sand hills Great sand dunes and the beautiful landscapes are among the attracting phenomenon of Maranjab Desert. It is in one of the outstanding unique regions of Iran. It is fantastic to walk on moving sand hills with bare feet and explore the sand pattern and their form under early morning light, before sun goes up.