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Tour Packages Details

Price Per Person

USD 999
Country: Iran
City: Shiraz
Duration: 8 Day(s) - 7 Night(s)
Tour Category: Canyoning
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

Package Itinerary

Necessary Equipment:

Harness, Helmet , Descender, Jumar, Carabineer , Canyoning Rope (static rope), Sling, Canyoning backpack, Canyoning apparel.


Raghaz is one of the best canyons in Iran. It’s between dry mountains and nobody can imagine that such beautiful valley could exist their so it’s explored in recent years.

It’s between huge lime stone rocks and also you can find untouched caves in this area.
For visiting this valley you need permission from Iranian Environment Protection Organization.

Day 01:
After welcoming you in Tehran international airport we transfer you to Hotel in center of city. After breakfast full day sightseeing Tehran, Traditional Bazaar, Archaeological museum, Glassware & Ceramic museum, Niavaran palace. Overnight you will stay in Hotel. Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 02:
Early in the morning Transfer to Tehran domestic Airport fly to Shiraz and
Full day sightseeing of Shiraz Vakil traditional Bazaar, holy shrine of Shah-e-Cheragh and Narenjestan Garden. In the evening transfer to Darab city in south of Shiraz by car it takes 2 hours. In Darab we stay in hotel and we should wake up early morning.

Day 03:
6 am we get out from the bed and take breakfast and transfer with car to north of city.
We start trekking beside small stream and go up. The weather is very hot and after one and half an hour we are in beginning of canyon. You will surprise when you find out that all of the waterfalls and pools made from water of small spring. We vacuum our staff and control all of equipments because if you descent first waterfall you should go till the end of valley and if you take your rope you should finish the valley. Its 9 am and we wear our equipment and start our adventuring.

In beginning you swim and pass ambushes and jump small waterfalls. The water is so clean and bright you see all deeps of pools.

Most of the pools are very deep and you should throw your backpack then jump and swim in beautiful pools. After one an hour we reach the firs technical waterfall. We fix the belaying and descent with rope. You can see small fish’s swim beside you without any scare, because this valley is untouched. Some of the pools are very long and you should swim 50 m to pass them.

The swimming safety Jacket is necessary because some of the pools are very big and deep and also when you are descending the pressure of water pushing you.
We descend the waterfalls one by one. Some people climbing small waterfalls and jump it for many times while the leader is busy to make ready the belaying.

In some places we install the bolt and some places we use natural belaying.
We pass 33 waterfalls and reach the first camp. Its only place you can stay overnight.

The weather is hot and you don’t need sleeping bag. We change wet cloth and have dinner. The canyon is so wonderful you forget to have lunch.Hear the important subject is cleaning environment, so everybody should take his rubbish and carry it to city.

Beside the camp are lime stone rocks about 200m high and during night you see the stars and lessen the music of waterfall. The air mat is best things for rest and you use your swimming safety Jacket as pillow and sleep till 6 am.

Day 04:
We wake up 6 o’clock and have breakfast and start descending first big waterfall.
Then we pass some of wild waterfalls and during 10 o’clock we saw amazing view.
The water makes big bowls with lime stone and the fishes swim inside them.

We reach place that the rocks is so high that the light cannot cover their. And you can see the sun for 30 minutes. We traverse some places and finally we descend the last big waterfall (45m) and return to city. The weather is hot and you wish not to finish the canyon.

After one hour we are in sweat lemon gardens and in shadow enjoy eating sweat lemons.
Our car is there and we come back to hotel and take lunch and in the evening we go to Shiraz and stay in hotel.Bed/ Breakfast.
Day 05:
Early morning we get up and go by car to visit Persepolis & Naghsh-e-Rostam (Royal tombs of Achamanideas). In the afternoon visit Hafez tomb (Great Iranian poet).Overnight Hotel .Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 06:
In the morning transfer to Shiraz airport Departure Shiraz to Isfahan and Full day sightseeing Isfahan,Chelsotoun(40 columns)Palace, Meidane  Naghsh-e-Jahan(Imagine of the world square),Jamee mosque & shah mosque,Bazaar. In the evening walk along side of Zayandehroud riverside .Overnght Hotel Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 07:
Drive to Tehran via Kashan & Abiyaneh(visit there) Overnight Hotel Tehran Bed/ Breakfast.

Day 08:
Transfer to Tehran Airport Departure to home.

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