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Frequently Asked Questions

About Iran:

1.  Do women have to dress Chador ?
No, it is not necessary to wear a Chador unless one wants to visit a holy Shrine(for instance in Shiraz when you visit the Shah-e-Cheragh) .
Women as they wish and being comfort,can wear treasur(jeans,pants or long skirt)and  long sleeved shirt,sweater and so on. There are no limitations on the colour or material .

2.    Do women have to wear scarf ?
Yes, the head scarf should cover the hair .

3.   Is it forbidden to wear a tie or a bow – tie ?
No, it is not .

4.   Are men allowed to wear short trousers ?
  No, They are not allowed .(but it is not forbiden when tourists are in the nature and camping tours.

5.   Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverages to Iran ?
No, it is forbidden to bring and enjoy alcohol  .
It is well worth mentioning that Narcutic is strictly  forbidden .

6.   Is it safe to drink the water from the tap ?
The tap water is drinkable, but it mat contain minerals .
It is recommended  to have mineral water .

7.   What is the Iranian currency ?
It is Rial . In daily trade, Iranians use an older unit called Tooman Is the unit for 10 Rials .

8.   Where can I exchange money ?
   You can exchange at the airport or any bank or change shop .

9.   Is it possible to pay by accredit card ?
Yes, master card and  Visa card are accepted in most 5 star hotels and in some shops .

10.   Are there Telephone, Fax, E-mail and Internet ?
Yes, there are except mobile telephones do not work in Iran .

11.   Are women allowed to drive within Iran ?
Yes they are .

12.  Are international driving licenses accepted by the police  .
Yes they are .

13.  Are roads in good condition ?
Yes they are .

14.  Is the power supply 220 volts 50 cycles AC. ?
Yes it is. the power socket outlets are 2 round circles, in which a plug White two pins can be inserted .

15.  Is it necessary to keep the copy of the from after stamping by passport control of the air port ?
Yes, please keep it until the day of your departure, when it will be collected by the passport control again . In case you lose their copy, please let the guide know.

16.  Can I have handy cam or recording device ?
Yes, please announce it at the custom, so that you receive a filming Permits for Iran .

17.   Are there taxis or local transports available ?
Yes there are, but no taximeters in most of them . It is advisable to Agree one a fare before hand. The majority of the taxi drivers speak Farsi. The airport taxi are more expensive than street . for Traveling between the cities one use taxi, buses, railway and air craft .

18.  Are there international mail services ?
Yes there are .

19.  Are there English news paper and magazines ?
Yes there are .

20.  Are you allowed to take photos of military areas or some holy  places?
No, you are not .

21.  Do must police men speak English?
No, most  them only  speak Farsi, but they are very helpful .

22.  Can I take photos of religious Iranian families, specially women?
Some time yes or no….. please ask before taking photos .